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Every kit manufacturer engages in quite a long process between concept and the finished shirt which is worn by the team and in turn by supporters of all shapes and sizes. The design process usually begins shortly after the release of the current season's shirt. At some point the kit manufacturer will more often than not create a series of prototypes which are in turn shown to the club for approval. Here are a few prototypes created by Rossco which surprisingly failed to make it as far as the Oval changing room. Particularly striking is the 2002 prototype with red and black sleeve trim which lost out to the eventual selection of a firly plain and uninspiring home shirt. After the termination of the kit deal with Rossco several of these prototypes appeared on internet bidding sites and were in turn snapped up by Glentoran supporters.
1998 saw a first for Glentoran fans as the Glentoran Gazette and Le Coq Sportif run a competition to vote on 3 designs for the following season's new away strip.
Design 'B' came out on top but for reasons unknown the 'new' kit didn't materialise and instead the team wore the all black kit featured on page 56

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