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The shirt that everyone wanted. After years of lobbying for a return to one of the most memorable jerseys in the history of the club, Diadora took on board the supporters' wishes and issued this design as the away option for 2005/06. It was worn with black shorts and socks harking back to the Colrain era, the Benfica game, the Golden Vision and the 67 Summer of Love. Sadly though, it all went horribly wrong. For reasons only known to both club and supplier this guaranteed best
seller was never supplied to the fans in any great numbers and by Christmas production had ceased. The pro-kit carried gold numbering on one set of strip, but as the season went from bad to worse Glentoran suffered hefty defeats in this shirt as well. Despite this, a transitional Glentoran squad now under the new boss Millar qualified for Europe. In April 2006 Glentoran announced that with effect from the beginning of the following season a new kit manufacturer would be in place.