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Glentoran moved quickly to capitalise on their 2003 Irish Cup Final appearance against Coleraine. This shirt was on the shelves two weeks before the Windsor Park showdown. The jersey was of an altogether more stylish design than its predecessor and was made from a thicker material. The colour did cause some consternation amongst some traditionalists though who complained that it was not “Glentoran green” whatever Glentoran green was deemed to be. This top worn with white shorts made an inauspicious start to its one year tenure at the Oval as the Glens lost out to the Bannsiders in the final and in turn lost out on the clean sweep. During the following season the Glens would lift the Irish Cup, but as was now the norm they would change the design again prior to the final. In Europe however the team battled defiantly against a highly experienced and well organised HJK Helsinki side only losing out by one goal over the two legs. Due to the pitch at the Finnair Stadium in Helsinki being third generation plastic construction, the tie was instead taken to the Vantaa Stadium, home of AC Allianssi.
The lessons from the previous season's disaster had not been learned. In essence this should have been a perfectly good away shirt except for the fact that the collar was verging on the ridiculous. Granted certain kit manufacturers on the continent were adopting a wider neck design however this shirt was nothing short of comical. Rossco had blown it for a second year in a row. The players looked ridiculous and after a few midweek outings this effort was ditched never to return. It was the least of Glentoran's worries though in a season which saw the club docked five league points and kicked out of the CIS Cup following a discrepancy over defender Gary Smyth's registration.