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The jersey was originally meant to have a red band around the torso, but the colouring was changed to white at the last minute. The shade of green in the shirt was one of the darkest the Glens had ever had and for the first time Avec introduced the concept of printing the sponsor's logo into the pattern of the shirt as opposed to embossing or screen printing it at the end of the manufacture process. Avec at that time were making shirts for a number of rugby league teams and this style of production enabled costs to be reduced when shirts had to have multiple sponsors incorporated in the pattern. Defender Gary Smyth returned to the Oval for a second spell during a season which again brought a fair amount of success in the form of trophies. In December 2000, a 4-3 win over Coleraine at Windsor secured the Gold Cup whilst in April 2001 a Scott Young penalty brought the Irish League Cup to the Oval. The run in to the 2001 Irish Cup final was a fairly sedate affair, with the Glens opponents Armagh, Moyola Park and Institute along the way. The final though would be a different matter, old rivals, but a new shirt.
The plan for Avec to incorporate the sponsor's logo into the shirt pattern fell at the first hurdle as Glentoran drew Norwegian side Lillestrom in the 2000/01 UEFA Cup. Norway had strict regulations with regards to alcohol sponsorship in football and as a result Glentoran were banned from advertising Smithwick's beer on the team kit for the away leg in Lillestrom in August 2000. In the aftermath of the Lillestrom game though Glentoran forward Rory Hamill failed a compulsory drugs test and was handed a lengthy ban. Avec were forced to create no less than six different production shirts for Glentoran in just over a twelve month period. They had also taken on quite a few teams in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England along with Rugby League and County Cricket sides. Resources had been stretched at the Durham factory and they announced that at the end of the 2001 league campaign that they would not be renewing the Glentoran contract along with quite a number of others.