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The Glens faced Portadown in the 2000 Irish Cup decider. Qualification though, threw up its own set of problems. All the green Glentoran shirts that were left in stock with Avec carried Smithwick's branding. Roy Coyle did not want Glentoran playing in the final in a shirt which had already been worn and so the sponsorless semi-final strip was not an option. To confound matters the green Glentoran shirts carried embroidery which declared Glentoran Irish League champions of 1999. By the time the final arrived Linfield had been crowned champions for 2000. A compromise was found with this white shirt worn with black shorts and white socks made especially for the final. Again Smithwick's decided to use the word Glentoran in Smithwick's font which required a design house in London working with Smithwick's advertising department in Glasgow and the kit manufacturer in Durham to get the shirt to Belfast for the May 6th deadline. Glentoran would lift the Irish Cup again though, thanks to a solitary goal from Gilzean.
Since 1996 Glentoran had changed both the home and away kit on a yearly basis. With a new home shirt in the pipeline Avec offered this up as an away kit for 2000/01 to be worn with black shorts. Glentoran to their credit decided that too much was being asked of the supporters and rejected the idea. It is fair to say though that had the Glens not have drawn a red Portadown side in the Irish Cup final this would have been the shirt that they would have played the final in.