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Another short lived shirt provided by Umbro as an Away kit (as required by UEFA regulations for the European games), this shirt may not have been used in a two season spell having to be ditched when Smithwick's made a radical design change to their advertising logos for the start of the 1992/93 campaign. Brendan Kirgan, Noel McKee, John McAuley and Duncan Lowry all arrived on Mersey Street as Jackson attempted to reduce his injury crisis and replace those heading for the exit door. The Detroit Cougars celebrated their Silver Jubilee in 1992.
Just as Umbro styling was changing all the rules, the English sportswear firm announced that it was scaling down operations in order to concentrate on its bigger clients such as Manchester United, Chelsea and England. Before the Glentoran deal finished though, they came up with this amazing shirt. The red sleeves reappeared but this time in conjunction with a black turn of the century ”lace up collar topped of with a quality touch as the word Glentoran was watermarked throughout the whole shirt. Smithwick's too had decided that it was time for a makeover and re-launched their brand with a logo written in a new style font across the body of the shirt. Spurs had worn long baggy shorts for the first time in the 1991 F.A. Cup Final and Glentoran would have the same style shorts for the beginning of the 1992/1993 campaign. The shirt's most significant appearance would come when the Glens were drawn against the mega-rich Olympique de Marseille in the first round of that season's European Cup. Whilst the World Class French side gave Glentoran a lesson in football, Tommy Jackson's side gave the French a lesson in sartorial elegance. The success of the shirt was not replicated on the field of play and in the summer of 1993 Jackson and Glentoran parted company.