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The 1982/83 domestic season kicked off in earnest with the side now wearing the same strip only this time carrying the Adidas logo. No sponsorship deal was in place for the season, which was a shame as a potential backer would have gained ample publicity from a team who would go on to win the Irish Cup, Gold Cup and Ulster Cup in this shirt. A 19 year-old midfielder called Raymond Morrison would debut against Ballymena United whilst Manley, Mullan and Jameson would net 66 goals between them. Glentoran reverted temporarily to the white Adidas shirt after Christmas. The Glens had failed to win the Irish Cup for ten years but a 3-0 over Ballyclare Comrades in the 1983 semifinal set the scene for the first “big two” showdown since 1973.
A rare Dermot Keely goal would help the team lift the Ulster Cup after a fight to the finish against Coleraine. As Keely lifted the trophy to show it to the crowd he would do so in the third different Adidas shirt of 1982. By now the jersey was also carrying a white square patch on which was embroidered the Glentoran Crest. This was the first Glentoran kit ever to sport the Glentoran motto ''Le Jeu Avant Tout” the game before all. The story behind the French wording remains shrouded in mystery. We have recently discovered that the motto first appeared on a Christmas Card sent by Glentoran Directors in the mid 1960’s. Adidas were THE shirt manufacturer of the Eighties moving quickly to buy up the more ponderous brands such as Admiral who had become overstretched.