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This was one of two sets of shirts which only seemed to have been worn by Glentoran Seconds/Colts in 1981. The only photograph of this shirt appeared on page 162 of Malcolm Brodie's “The Story of Glentoran” publication to celebrate the club's centenary season in 1982. It would be another year before television companies finally gave in and began broadcasting football games between teams wearing sponsored shirts. The size of a sponsor's logo was restricted to 81 centimetres squared but for television purposes the measurements were reduced to half this size. This Glentoran version was of a style used by most Adidas wearing teams including Northern Ireland. Shirts were becoming increasingly shiny and figure hugging. Patterns were being printed into the material and in 1982 Spurs introduced the shadow stripe into their playing kit.
This was the other Glentoran Seconds/Colts kit from 1981. It is also only featured in one photograph in Malcolm Brodies's book. It may well have been the case that the hoops were added locally to the plain white shirt which caused so much consternation when it appeared in its one and only First XI game. Jim Weatherup was the manager of this particular highly successful side. This series of shirts would be the only group to have the Glentoran cockerel as a badge on the right hand breast in what still remains a very rare design trend.