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A few lucky Glentoran fans might still have this shirt stashed away somewhere. This was the version that Umbro produced to sell to the supporters. Only limited numbers were made and very few remain. It was used sparingly for a few months towards theend of the 1977/78 season. Glentoran had three wonderful years from 1976 until the end of 1978 season but chinks were beginning to appear in the armour. Alex Robson was released by the club whilst up and coming stars Billy Caskey and Victor Moreland left for the blossoming North American Soccer League. On the plus side Fiat had agreed to sponsor the Irish League however, Glentoran were sailing into the doldrums and the choice of shirts that followed would reflect the general malaise around the club. Between the end of April 1978 and the 4th November 1981 Glentoran would have seven more changes of kit, although on that evening, the night on which the legendary physio and former mmanager Bobby McGregor collapsed and died on the pitch in Sofia Bulgaria, Glentoran would again bewearing this shirt. An explanation? Well it may have been that Bulgaria did not permit shirt sponsorship at that time. All Glentoran shirts were by now sponsored and so this version may have had to time. have been used. Just a guess though.