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Glentoran took to the field during the 1902/03 season wearing this eye catching jersey. My research suggests that Glentoran adopted the V design even before it was popular on the mainland with teams such as Birmingham and Clapton Orient. Teams in the English Football League began to sport this particular style of shirt almost 10 years after Glentoran had worn it in the Irish League. The East Belfast outfit would have a brief dalliance with the original shirt design of a plain red collar and a green shirt for the next few seasons before moving on to wear two striking styles as World War I loomed on the horizon. The newly designed Oval was ready for use this season, with the pitch having been rotated 90 degrees.
Although the first team had little success in this kit in its first year, the Second XI, with the help of their canine mascot Trixie swept all before them during the 1908/09 campaign whilst wearing it, lifting the Intermediate Cup, the County Antrim Shield and the Steel and Sons Cup. Incredibly the Seconds overturned the Firsts on their way to the Final winning 1-0. The lace crew neck replaced the wide collar, but the main body of the shirt remained green. ''The bounding boys of Ballymacarrett” as the side were known in 1911 had been bolstered by the arrival in Belfast of Doctor Leslie Skene a Scottish International goalkeeper. The matchday magazine, the Glentoran Official Observer was launched this season and the side went on to lift the City Cup, County Antrim Shield and the Charity Cup decked out in these colours.