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By the start of February 1967 Glentoran had embarked on a series on head turning kit changes with a second version of the 66 Final shirt now being worn for the remainder of the side's league games. The red collar and cuffs remained in situ however the shirt now had a green, red and black hooped sequence without any spaces. This really
was a team in the ascendancy. Youngster such as Tommy Jackson were forcing their way onto the starting line up alongside established players like Billy McCullough, Walter Bruce, Jim Weatherup and Billy McKeag. Success would be in plentiful supply during this season as the Cock 'n' Hens walked away with the Ulster Cup, Gold Cup, City Cup and the Irish League Championship. It was to be a sign of things to come.
There was only a very subtle difference in styles for the start of the 1967/68 season. Glentoran kicked off their defence of the league in a virtually identical shirt to the one worn the year before, however this time out the collar and cuffs were white. Jim Weatherup recalls of this shirt that the hoops were almost painted onto the kit in a screen printed style for the very first time. Colrain had built a formidable side capable of giving any team a run for their money. Whist the Glens had been on tour in the States the draw for the European Cup had been made. Few could believe that the part-time outfit from Belfast had landed the dream draw of Benfica “The Red Eagles of Lisbon” in the first round. Again the season would start with one shirt and end with another.