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Another rarity as only one picture can be found of Glentoran players in this particular strip. The caption which accompanies the photo reads 14 year-old Rodney Thom, winner of a soccer page competition meets members of the Glentoran team at the Oval were he was a guest of the Ireland Saturday Night for today's game against Bangor. He is surrounded by Sammy Hughes, Trevor Thompson, Walter Bruce and John Frazer.

What price that line up today?

The use of red socks and white shorts and green socks with red shorts made this a bizarre combination for a kit. Again it first appeared at the start of the Sixties with two different collar designs. This strip saw Glentoran move away for the first time from white shorts and dark socks. Coventry City had been the first team in the English League to adopt a matching shirt and shorts combination. With more games coming under floodlights, the trend was to make playing strips brighter and with a plainer design for evening games. Both this shirt and it's counterpart with the red collar were used sparingly, but primarily in the 1961/62 season.