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There was very little difference in this shirt and the one which had preceded it. In reality only the sequencing of the hoops changed for one season. It is noticeable at this stage in the history of the shirt that kits begin to re-emerge for a short time several seasons after the styling changes. In actual fact this shirt seems to have lasted less than a season with Noel McCarthy photographed collecting the Gold Cup on the 9th January 1952 in this shirts successor. The infamous William “Flash” King was emerging onto the Glentoran sides of the time along with Billy Neill and Tommy Lucas with Frank Grice the team manager.

A third colour sequence variation of the same style of shirt. This one can be seen as the jersey worn by Sammy Hughes at the top of the page. Generally shirts would be purchased locally often from the Athletic Stores in Belfast. It was they who provided shirts for Irish League teams and the International side. Shirts from this era had the Athletic Stores label sewn inside the collar. Nowadays the subtle change in the colour combination would be a marketing ploy however back in the Fifties it would have just been the choice of whoever was making the shirt as to what order the cloth was cut in.