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As the third and final Glentoran ”shirt of the war years'', this design again with a red collar replaced the plain green version as the Second World War came to an end. Players such as Jimmy Dykes, Bertie Wright, Con Martin and Ben Neill were helping Glentoran re-establish a credible footballing side. ”The Back to the Oval” campaign was gathering momentum as supporters began to believe that there was every possibility of the Glens coming home. At least fifty different players would don this particular shirt during the 1944/45 season due to an influx of military personnel into the province and the prohibition of British soliders in travelling South to play in competitions. On the 14th September 1946 the Glentoran Gazette as we know it today was published for the first time for a game between Glentoran and Linfield. The new magazine replaced the Glentoran Newsreel as the match day programme. There was little success in the way of trophies during this period however the focus of attention for the fans had switched to the rebuilding of the Oval.

This shirt creates a bit of mystery. You will recognise that it appears earlier in the publication covering the late Twenties and early Thirties. The great Peter Doherty was famously pictured in this shirt in a series of photographs published in Malcolm Brodie's The story of Glentoran. Doherty however left Glentoran for Blackpool in 1934. It would be 11 more years before Blanchflower, then Bingham and finally Frank Mulholland would also be pictured wearing exactly the same shirt as Doherty. Had all the kit been lost in the bombing of the Oval? It seems as though this shirt was only used for publicity photos in the Forties but where had it come from?